15 Skin Care Tips You Can Do Today to Fight Aging for Women

Do you feel like your skin is getting older too quickly? Here in15 skin care tips you can do today to fight aging for women we will share tips for healthy anti-aging skin care in order to fight the signs of skin aging. We’ll start with a few basic tips that anyone can do, and then move into more advanced treatments.

15 Skin Care Tips to Fight Aging

1) Drink water:

Drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day will help hydrate the skin from within! I know that sounds like a lot of water but, you can do it!

Dehydration can cause the skin to look dull and dry. Staying hydrated keeps your body functioning properly which will help bring a healthy glow to your face as well!

2) Get enough sleep:

Getting quality sleep is essential for maintaining youthful looking skin. The body heals itself while we are asleep so this time should be protected by following a routine bedtime schedule. Try to get between 7-8 hours of sleep each night to stay looking young!

3) Use sunscreen:

Every day, our skin is constantly being damaged by the sun’s harmful UV rays. Using a daily moisturizer with at least 30 SPF will protect your face against future signs of aging. And giving the sun protection you need.

4) Wash your face with a gentle cleanser:

Be sure to only use products that are made for sensitive skin. Avoid using harsh chemicals or scrubs on the face as they can cause irritation and redness over time, which encourages premature aging.

5) Look for anti-aging ingredients:

Ingredients like Vitamin C, Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid are all great for younger looking skin. Look for products that contain these active ingredients at the beginning of the list on the product’s label so you know it has a good amount in each jar/tube.

6) Use a moisturizer and eye cream:

A good moisturizing routine is critical for anti-aging skin care. Look for lightweight products that will sink into the skin, rather than sitting on top of the surface like sunscreen has a tendency to do.

Look for an eye cream with Vitamin C (which can also be used in your regular face lotion) to reduce dark circles and puffiness.

7) Use a gentle exfoliator:

Daily use of an AHA or BHA product will dissolve dead skin cells and encourage cell turnover to give the face a brighter appearance. Exfoliating at least once per week can help eliminate buildup in pores that cause blackheads, breakouts and larger pore size.

Rinse your face with water after using a scrub to avoid irritation.

Avoid any exfoliating products with large, jagged particles that could scratch the skin and lead to hyper-pigmentation or scarring. You want something gentle enough for daily use!

7) Sunscreen

Use sunscreen every day when you are going outside in order to protect your face from harmful UV rays which can cause wrinkles, dark spots and uneven color.

Sunscreen should have at least an SPF of 30 or higher so you can protect your face from the sun’s rays on a regular basis!

If you’re planning to spend more than 20 minutes outside in direct sunlight, be sure to apply sunscreen every two hours while outdoors. This will help protect your skin from further damage and aging.

If you don’t like the feel of sunscreen on your face, look for one that is labeled as ‘non-comedogenic’ or ‘oil free’. These products won’t clog pores and also provide protection against UV rays just like other types do!

Don’t forget to wear sunglasses!

8) Retinol cream

Use a retinol cream: every night to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Retinols are Vitamin A derivatives that encourage cell turnover which will cause newer, healthier skin cells to rise to the surface of your face while bringing other old layers up with them for removal.

It is important not only use this ingredient in an anti-aging product but to also use it at night because retinols make your skin more sensitive to sunlight!

A good rule of thumb with this ingredient is to start using a small amount and work up slowly. This will help you adjust gradually while avoiding any irritation that too much Vitamin A could cause.

9) Eat a balanced diet full of healthy, anti-aging foods:

Foods that are high in antioxidants have been linked to healthier skin and better maintenance of collagen. Try adding more fruits like blueberries, strawberries and raspberries into your daily intake which will naturally brighten the complexion while preventing dark spots from forming on the face.

10) Vitamin C

To get your fill of Vitamin C, consider adding bell peppers and leafy greens like kale to your meals as well.

Other foods rich in antioxidants include: green tea, white beans, cocoa powder and dark chocolate (in moderation).

11) Exercise

Exercise is one of the most important things you can do for your health. It helps fight obesity, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. And it may help prevent aging too!

Aging is largely influenced by how our cells function. When we exercise regularly, we produce more mitochondria (tiny powerhouses in each cell) which make energy to keep us healthy and young-looking.

Mitochondria are also linked to longevity because they control how well our cells age. So when you exercise regularly, you’re giving your body a head start against aging!

12) Use Rose Oil

The most important way that rose oil helps prevent aging is by fighting free radicals. When the cells in our body start breaking down, they release free radicals into the bloodstream which then damages other cells around them.

These damaged cells eventually lead to wrinkles, dry skin and age spots, among other things like cancerous growths or liver damage from alcohol abuse.

13) DIY products:

Use natural DIY products, whenever possible, but be sure to do some research first on different recipes so you know what ingredients are safe and effective while avoiding any dangerous ones.

My favorite DIY recipes:

-Homemade sugar scrub (use brown sugar for a natural exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and encourage cell turnover)

How to make sugar scrub:

-Mix equal parts brown sugar with coconut oil or olive oil and a few drops of your favorite essential oils (optional)

Store in an airtight container for up to two months. Use one tablespoon as needed and be sure to wash it off after use, because the granules will make your shower floor slippery! If you’

-Oatmeal mask (combine honey, coconut oil and oatmeal for an effective face mask that will moisturize your face while also removing any leftover impurities)

How to make oatmeal mask:

-Mix equal parts of honey and coconut oil with one tablespoon of oatmeal.

Store in an airtight container for up to two months. Use on clean skin after a light exfoliation, but before you apply your moisturizer or sunscreen! If you have sensitive skin, test the mask out on a small patch first.

-Pore minimizing toner (to tighten and shrink pores)

How to make pore minimizing toner:

-Combine witch hazel and apple cider vinegar with a few drops of your favorite essential oil (optional).

Store in an airtight container for up to one month. Use as needed by applying with a cotton pad immediately after cleansing, then follow it up with moisturizer or sunscreen! If you have sensitive skin, test the toner out on a small patch first.

14) Avoid:

Try to avoid alcohol and smoking as much as possible. Alcohol can dehydrate the skin causing a dull appearance while cigarettes will lead to premature aging due to damaged collagen, fine lines and wrinkles.

15) Stress:

Reduce stress levels whenever possible because it has been shown that high amounts of cortisol (the stress hormone) can cause acne breakouts and slow cell turnover which will lead to the formation of larger pores.

So, does this mean that you’ve found a way to fight aging? No – but what it does mean is that with the right skin care routine and some of these anti-aging tips, you can start feeling more confident in your own skin.

The best way to fight the signs of aging is by taking care of your skin now. We hope this blog post has given you some helpful tips on how to maintain healthy anti-aging skin care practices and live a more youthful life for years to come.


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