9 Best Handmade Birthday Gift Ideas: Unique and Inexpensive

What better way to commemorate a birthday than with a thoughtful handmade gift? This article will give you 9 ideas for unique and inexpensive homemade presents. Whether it be for your mother, father, grandma, or even your boss, we have something for everyone!

For the chef

Cooking is a passion and with this homemade gift cookbook, you can help them share it. Find their best recipes and put them together in one nice book! They will love having all of those tasty treats easily accessible when they want to whip up something new for dinner or just have an easy go-to day after work.

For the bookworm

This is a cute way to decorate their bookshelf. Take an old picture frame and glue it around a stack of pages from some of their favorite novels. They will love seeing all those wonderful stories together in one place! If they don’t have many books, you can always use pieces of artwork, ticket stubs, or other collectibles.

This is a great gift for that family member who seems to have everything or for the college student who has moved away and is missing home.

For the one who loves to keep fit

This is a perfect gift for someone trying to stay active! You can find fun and interesting facts about health on Pinterest then print them onto colorful paper. Punch two holes in each fact and use twine or ribbon to connect all of them into a book. This makes for a great way to keep track of all the information you find and it will be something they refer back to time and again!

For the one who has everything

There are always people in our lives that seem to have it all, but when we want them to know how much they mean to us, sometimes we need to find a different way of letting them know. A great and thoughtful gift is something that we can grow with, like houseplants! It doesn’t matter if they have never cared for plants before because it comes with everything needed right in the box: soil, rocks, trays…all you need to do is pick out some cute decorative items to go with it! It is a gift that they can enjoy for years and at the same time, you are giving them something nice to look at.

For the one who loves plants

Perhaps you know someone with lots of green fingers but no place for them? An indoor garden or terrarium would be a great and simple gift to make.

A terrarium is a beautiful way to enjoy fresh flowers, herbs, and veggies without having the hassle of maintaining them. There are several videos online that show you how easy it can be! Imagine your friend receiving this gift on their special day – they’ll love showing off all those plants in an enclosure only for themselves! It makes perfect sense why so many people choose self-watering systems; especially with today’s hectic lifestyles where most jobs require long hours at work yet, families deserve time together as well.

For those who love home decor

There are always people in our lives that seem to find it impossible to decorate and keep their home looking nice!

Diy clipboard is a simple project to make for a friend or family member that loves to decorate and organize their home.

This can be made with scrapbook paper, old magazines, paint samples from the hardware store (or any other design), and mod podge.

You could also add in some cute buttons for decoration! Once this is done you staple it all together to make it one board, and then you can use it as a clipboard or pin it to the wall for decoration!

For the one who loves coffee

Pick a local coffee shop and order a few different types of their coffees, put them in a basket or bag with some hot chocolate packets and maybe even include a mug! If you are not good at cooking then this is the best gift idea for you because it does not require any baking skills!

For those who need help with organization

If you know someone who is constantly misplacing their keys, wallet or other important items then making a wall hanging board with compartments for them will be an absolute lifesaver! You can make a wood frame and then cut out fabric compartments in the shape of stars or flowers. Then, paint these shapes onto the board with bright colors so your gift recipient always knows where to find their items.

It can be easily hung on the inside of a closet door. You can also fill it with all sorts of necessary things that they always seem to have trouble finding when they need them, like pens and pencils, gloves, sunglasses…the list goes on!

For those who are hard to shop for

If there is someone you know that doesn’t seem excited about any gift, no matter what you do, then this is the perfect gift for them!

Decorate a box with wallpaper. Then fill the box with some of their favorite things that you can give to them whenever you are shopping. If they love coffee, put together a travel mug and bag of ground coffee beans. Perhaps they seem more interested in beauty products so include some lotion or face cream along with an aromatic candle. The possibilities are endless but the best part is that you can personalize it to that specific person.


So, go ahead and get out there and make your family happy with a DIY present that is both unique and inexpensive. And if you’re feeling ambitious (and don’t mind the mess), find time to whip up some of these projects for yourself too! You deserve it. I know we said 9 ideas but this one was just too good not to share!


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