How To Declutter Your Kid’s Closet

It is no secret that clutter is inevitable in your kid’s closet. After all, kids are still learning how to organize their items. They do not always think about it when cleaning up their room. Even as a working mom, you can find ways to straighten up their closet space. Get started by checking out the following tips on how to declutter a kid’s closet.
How to declutter your Kids closet

Get rid of Unwanted items

The first step to declutter your kids closet is to pull everything out and sort through their items. You want to donate clothes that are too small for your child, and discard or recycle the clothes that are stained or torn. As for the toys, donate what your child no longer plays with and discard the broken items. You can move the hand-me-downs to a designated bin or another space to take care of later.

Categorize Their Clothes

Now, you are going to work with the items you are keeping in their closet, starting with their clothes, which you can hang up or place in clear plastic drawers. Categorizing their clothes by type makes it easier to find a specific item of clothing. The categories include, but are not limited to, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, pants, shorts, skirts, uniforms, shoes and accessories. Their accessories include scarves, belts, ties and suspenders.

Invest in Boxes and Bins

If their closet includes added or built-in shelves. Use your shelves to display decorative storage boxes or small plastic bins with lids. You can use the boxes and bins for seasonal apparel and accessories, as well as certain toys and keepsakes. Be sure to label or color-code the boxes and bins so you and your child know what is in each one.

Figuring out how to declutter a kid’s closet may seem like a lot of work, but the neat and organized closet space is worth the effort.

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