Work is a major aspect of life. It’s how people make money, spend their time, and for many, it’s how they find their purpose. Finding a job is hard for everyone, but it’s particularly hard for those with no experience.

If you have no work experience, don’t feel discouraged. In other words everyone has to start somewhere. Follow these tips to find a job with an empty resume.

Own Up to It

If you don’t have experience, don’t try to lie and make up random jobs on a resume. Likewise own up to it. Address any inexperience in a cover letter, or introduce yourself to the manager when you fill out an application. Let them know why you don’t have experience, and why you’re looking for work now.

  • Get Networking
  • Connections are so important, and everyone has them. Ask around about job openings. Talk to friends and family. You can even make a Facebook status! Someone is bound to give you a stellar referral, and help you score a job.

  • Focus on your Own Experience
  • If you volunteered at an animal shelter, babysat your siblings, or took a peer helping class in school, use that. Anything you have that could be considered experience or special skills can help you land a job. You don’t have to have been paid for your work to use it on a resume.

  • Create Experience
  • Sure, it may be hard to find a job without previous work experience, but everyone accepts volunteers. Make some work experience by volunteering at your local soup kitchen or library. Then you can list that on your resume, and you’ll likely get a recommendation out of it.

  • Call and Email
  • As the famous saying goes, “you won’t succeed unless you try.” Reach out to potential workplaces and ask if they’re hiring. Explain your situation. Email them letting them know you’re dedicated to working there, even if you have to start as an intern. All some jobs want in an employee is passion. And if they don’t get back to you, try again. You have nothing to lose, so try and fail until the job is yours.

    These tips will help you find a job in the worst of circumstances. Having no experience may seem like a burden, but if you know what to do with it, you can turn it into an advantage. Enjoy your job search and keep persisting. Eventually, you’ll find people you want you and you’ll never have to apply to a job with no experience again.


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