How to Plan A Wedding While Being A Working Mom

Planning a wedding while being a working mom is not easy at all. Doing so as a working mom is a whole other ball game. The result is always beautiful, but the planning process can be tasking. If you’re a working mom and it’s time to plan your wedding, you will have to be smart about it. You’ll also have to be okay with accepting lots of help when you need it. With the right kind of preparation and attitude, you can handle it flawlessly. Here are some tips from us that will help you do just that.

  • Go for An All-Inclusive Venue

Outdoor barn wedding venues are beautiful to look at. However, those pictures don’t show you the hours of work that go into making it so. Time will be spent stringing up the lights, setting the tables, and making sure that the space is perfect.

As a working mom, that amount of time is one you don’t have. An all-inclusive wedding venue will handle all that for you. The best kind of venue will handle your tables, linen, silverware, and even your d├ęcor. This will save you the hours spent deciding which of those to go for and where to get them.

  • Remember to Spend Some Couple Time Alone

Between working, parenting, and all the planning you’ll be doing, it’s easy to forget to relax. You may also find yourself feeling like you’ve drifted away from your partner. An excellent way to solve this is to set aside 20 to 30 mins each day as couple’s time. At that time, read together, chat, and talk about your day. It’s an excellent practice for after you’re married too.

  • Hire A Wedding Planner

If there’s one bride who needs a wedding planner, that bride is you. As a working mom planning your wedding, you’ll be tempting a rise in your blood pressure going at it by yourself. Having a professional who knows how to handle things according to your vision is best. You’ll have more time to spend with your kid and focus better at work too. You’ll also be able to enjoy your wedding day.

  • Involve Your Child in The Prep

This one depends on the activity that you are carrying out. It can be nice to include your child in the preparations for your wedding. It makes for good bonding time with lots of laughter. As long as you’re not on an immediate deadline, you should be able to manage.

  • Hire A Babysitter

You’ll need a baby sitter on your wedding day, so make sure to hire one. You’ll be far too excited and busy to keep tabs on your kid properly. You could also do without the anxiety that would come with that.

A babysitter who has worked with your child before is best in a time like this. Ensure that you arm them with your wedding schedule, snacks, a bag of toys, and some basic first aid supplies.

When getting one, please go for a paid babysitter. Those close to you will be busy and should get a chance to enjoy your wedding too. Only someone who isn’t a guest can devote the attention needed to care for your child on that day.

  • A Space for Children

Keep your children in mind for every aspect of your wedding when planning. A space where your baby sitter can care for your child away from the party but still close is essential. Remember also to have kid-friendly food and beverages available. Entertainment options like coloring books and toys will keep kids occupied while you marry. You can have a family member check in with them occasionally to make sure things are going fine.

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