A condition in which a crack is formed in your nails is characterized by split nails it can be vertical, horizontal or across the tip of the nail that causes the splitting of nail in to two. A split nail can be the cause of physical stress, tear and wear or nutrient deficiency. Working with hands can be the major cause of it. Read more on how to treat split nails.

Causes of split nails:

  • Due to moister your nails become soft and brittle. Brittle causes the nail breaking, bending, or splitting. Over exposure to moister due to the dish washing, hand wash or excessive nail polish use.
  • Picking and biting of nails is the habit of many people that causes the nail stress and can be the result of split nail.
  • Bacterial fungal or east infections can be the cause of nail splitting as it can change the texture of nails and make it weak.
  • Psoriasis causes the nail to crumble, thicken or split.
  • Certain diseases can also be the cause of nail splitting i.e. thyroid disease, liver infections, kidney illnesses or skin cancer.

How to treat split nails:

You can take care of nails by home remedies until it cures. It can be done by fixing it or by improving its appearance until it grows out. Homemade remedies are the ways to hide or cure split nails.

By trimming

 Trim your split nail carefully before the crack will spread to the whole nail.

By using glue

  • By using glue

 One of the common methods to reattach the nail is glue.  Apply a very small amount of adhesive material to detach the nail and apply a pressure to fix it back.

 Once the glue has set you can apply the nail paint to hide the breakage.

  • By using tea bag

Teas are bag is another remedy to fix the crack. For this method cut the nail size piece of tea bag. Use an adhesive material to attach it. When it set buff the nail and paint it. This method is excellent for treating split nails.

  • Fake nails

A potential home-made remedy is use of fake nails. Before applying the nail, a person can either cut the split nail or leave it in place. Fake nails can be to be apply to just the broken nail or all the fingernail.

Another split nail cure that can be useful is the use of gel or silk wrap. Just like the tea bag you can cut the nail portion size silk wrap and apply it with adhesive material. after it buff the nail and apply any nail paint.

  • Medical treatment

A Person may acquire medical treatments in some cases.

 Psoriasis can cause a damage in nail bed. By taking medical treatment one can treat psoriasis to prevent nail damage.

In case of damage due to fungal or bacterial attack medication may be required to treat the nail damage.

  • Use of moisturize

Apply a little moisturizer on your nails to heal them fast or to make them strong. A moisturizer may contain proteins i.e. keratin and collagen, petroleum, mineral and humectants like lactic acid and urea. Use can moisturize your nail by applying any type of oil or lip balm.

Lotion with lanolin or alpha-hydroxy acid can be useful for your nail.

  • Use of gloves

By wearing cotton lined rubber gloves, you can prevent more nail splitting while using water.

  • Use of supplements

Biotin can be helpful in curing nail splitting. You can take biotin supplement to prevent the nail splitting. It can strengthen your nails and also helpful in nervous system functioning.

  • By avoiding chemicals

Avoid use of chemicals to prevent further damage of nails. Cleaning products such as dishwasher may contain chemicals that can damage your nails and make them dry and brittle.

  • By limiting the use of removers

Excessive use of nail polish remover can cause the damage as it contains harmful chemicals that can cause the nail brittle which results in nail splitting. If you cannot limit the use of remover then use the remover without acetone.

In severe condition:

If you suffer from severe nail split, you should consult a doctor. Importantly one should consult a doctor if they suffer from following conditions.

  • Horizontal ridges.
  • White color appears beneath the nail.
  • If beep is present in edges of nail.
  • Firstly if you feel the color of nail changed to purple or blueish.
  • Nail appear distorted.
  • Doctor may remove your nail or stich the nail bed. He may detach your nail by any type of adhesive material or stiches it.

Tips to prevent nail splitting

          Here are some tips to prevent nail splitting.

  • Keep your nails dry and clean.
  • Moisturize your nails and cuticles on regular basis.
  • Always wears gloves while using chemicals or dishwashers.
  • Do not use harsh nail polish remover.
  • Avoid excessive exposure to water.
  • Give a break from nail polish.
  • Maintain a healthy diet rich in vitamins or minerals to maintain the health of nails. Because the poor nutrition causes the nail damage.
  • Take biotin supplement to maintain the health of nails.
  • Do not pick or bite your nails.
  • Always keep cautions in your mind while working with hands.
  • Above all do not pull at hangnails.
  • Always apply a protective layer on your nails.
  • Trim your nail on regular basis neatly and maintain proper nail hygiene.


Nail slitting maybe the cause of physical stress, nutrient deficiency or due to wear and tear. Splitting of nails may involves some remedy that either fix the nail with a type of adhesive material or hide it properly with fake nail.

However in severe nail splitting you should consult a doctor and take proper medical treatment.

As a Result you can take care your nails by taking healthy lifestyle and by avoiding chemicals i.e. dishwashers, cleaning chemicals.

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