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The National Consumer Panel is different from a traditional survey website. Instead of answering surveys, you are going to earn points doing something you always do… shopping! Whether you are a shopaholic, gift-shopping for others or only shop when it’s necessary, you are going to find the National Consumer Panel to be very useful.

When you sign up for the National Consumer Panel, you are going to provide information such as your full name, physical address, email address and birthdate. You can rest assured that this is a legit website that has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Formerly known as Nielsen Home scan, consumers have been participating in this panel since 1987.

Once you finish signing up for the National Consumer Panel, you can start earning points toward your first reward.

How To Earn Through The National Consumer Panel

It is very easy to earn points on the National Consumer Panel, and you are going to start by accessing the NCPMobile app, which is available to all members. The next step is the easiest of them all… just go shopping! When you go shopping, you are going to scan the barcodes on the items you purchase, as well as provide other details on these items. Next, you are going to share your shopping data with the National Consumer Panel. The more items you purchase, scan and share, the more points you can earn towards your next reward. Once you have enough points to reach your goal, you can redeem your points for merchandise, gift cards and other prizes. 

What is the purpose of sharing your shopping data? Well, your shopping data is used for market research, as it allows companies to determine what items customers prefer to buy and use. You are rewarded for sharing your shopping information because it is valuable to various companies.

In addition, you can also earn points by participating in online and mobile surveys and special studies, plus you are entered in sweepstakes for points, gift cards and cash. You can also participate in product testing, which is a great way to discover a new product for free. In addition, you also receive bonus points on your birthday.

Rewards Available Through The National Consumer Panel

The rewards may vary per point value and availability, but you have the opportunity to earn points for a range of awesome prizes. You may decide to redeem your points for a digital camera, flat-screen TV or video game console. Another option is to redeem your points for gift cards, prepaid debit gift cards and other prizes.

It should be noted that you are going to need at least 9,000 points to start redeeming your rewards. However, the more you participate in barcode scanning, surveys and special studies, the more points you can earn toward your reward.

If you are looking for a fun way to earn points for gift cards and prizes, you are sure to enjoy participating in the National Consumer Panel. A simple trip to the grocery store or department store can result in more points toward your next reward.

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