Nine Unique Gifts for that Unique Bride

Whether you are the happy-go-lucky groom or the excited Maid of Honor, it is understandable to want to surprise the bride with a unique gift for her special day. You do not want her to receive the same gift from multiple people, but you also want to ensure her gift is personal and practical. With a registry full of gift cards, appliances and bedding, you can surprise her with a gift that stands out from the crowd. With my suggestions of Nine Unique Gifts for that Unique Bride.

Start your wedding shopping by checking out the following unique bride gifts.

Bride holding her special gift

1. Emergency Wedding Day Kit

Emergency wedding day kits usually include items the bride may need for her wedding day, such as a sewing kit, manicure kit, breath mints and deodorant. These items come in handy for her wedding day, honeymoon and other outings or events. However, you can also add in a few personal items to make it a kit just for her, such as her favorite granola bars, body spray or a gift card to her favorite coffee shop.

2. Personalized M&Ms

If you are looking for unique bride gifts for the gal who has a sweet tooth, you can never go wrong with personalized M&Ms. The official M&Ms website gives you the opportunity to order personalized candy for any occasion. Surprise her with a bag of M&Ms personalized with her first and last name, her wedding date or a personal message. This is a tasty treat that is sure to capture her heart.

Bride and Groom Rings

3. Wedding Ring Dish

Whether she is taking a shower or cleaning the kitchen, she needs a safe place to keep her wedding ring. Why not surprise her with a beautiful wedding ring dish? You can have the inside of the dish engraved with a monogram and the wedding date to add a personal touch. It is a gift she may want to display in her home for decades, or she may want to pass it on to her own daughter on her wedding day.

4. Personalized Wedding Sign

What could be more unique than a personalized wedding sign? Not only does this decorative piece stand out from other pieces, but it also reminds her of one of the happiest moments of her life. You can have a wooden or metal sign engraved with the name of the bride and groom, their wedding date and a loving message. Another idea is to have the sign personalized with a cute graphic or an actual wedding photo.

5. Fujifilm Instant Camera

While this may seem like a common gift for special occasions, it is a gift that is going to come in handy for her wedding. A Fujifilm Instax Instant Camera prints out mini photos on the spot, so she can take home a few memories while she waits for the professional photographer to develop or upload her wedding photos. In fact, you may want to surprise her with this fun gift before her bachelorette party.

6. Cooling Orbits Eye Stones

When shopping for unique bride gifts, you may want to look for a gift that can help her feel rejuvenated after a sleepless night. She can use the Cooling Orbits Eye Stones to take care of her tired eyes, bags or even allergies, allowing her to feel as beautiful as she is before any occasion or on any ordinary day. The best part is she can reuse her Orbits Eye Stones as needed.

7. Personalized Cutting Board

Another personalized gift, this cutting board is perfect for that Wedding Day, birthdays and anniversary dinners, especially if the bride is a romantic at heart. Create a beautiful design that features the names of her and her husband and their wedding date. Something as fun and personal as “Mr. and Mrs. Smiths’ Kitchen, In Business Since June 25th, 2019” can add a unique gift to her collection.

8. Wedding Song Canvas

If you really want to bring tears of joy to her eyes, have a canvas print of their wedding song created, with their name and/or wedding date at the bottom. It is very personal and unique because it was meant for her special day, and it is going to make her think of the day she said “I do.” Imagine how happy she is going to be to display a canvas print of her wedding song in her living room.

9. Wedding Keepsake Library

Unique bride gifts can also be practical, and she is sure to get a lot of use out of a wedding keepsake library . It provides a safe place for wedding mementos such as her bouquet, accessories, photos and extra invitations and favors. The mementos are organized and easy to access whenever she wants to look back on her special day. In addition, you may be able to have it engraved to add a more personal touch.

From candy and beauty to more personal items, you are sure to find unique bride gifts for that amazing, unique bride.

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