The 8 Most Eco-Friendly Hand Made Gifts for a Home

Hand-made gifts are the best! They show that you care about someone enough to take time out of your day to make something special for them. Sometimes handmade gifts can be challenging, but they are worth it once you see the excitement on their face when they open up their gift. We put together a great list of handmade gifts that will leave anyone feeling loved and appreciated. Hand-made gifts are just something everyone loves.

Hand made candles

A handmade gift that is very eco-friendly is handmade candles. Handcrafted with love and care these often come in many different scents while still being safe for the environment. They make wonderful gifts or decorations around any home or apartment.

Soy candles are the most environmentally friendly candles on the market. Soy wax is produced from soybeans that are grown in North America without pesticides and hand-poured into reusable containers before being infused with essential oils to create them aromatic!

Making a candle requires four simple steps: melting the soy candle wax, adding fragrance oil or essential oil of choice, pouring the melted mixture into a mold of your choice (can be glassware or jars), and letting it cool for about an hour. All you need are some basic kitchen tools such as measuring cups/spoons and stirring spoons.

*Melt candle wax*

Add fragrance oil or essential oil of choice to the soy candle wax.

Stir well until there are no clumps and the mixture is smooth. Carefully pour the wax into containers once it has cooled. Allow for at least one hour before using a candle after allowing them to cool for an hour.

*Tips and Warnings*

-Be careful when pouring candle wax into the container because it may be very hot. Allow candles to cool for about an hour. You can find more information on candle making at

Handmade baskets

Another handmade gift that is very eco-friendly is handmade baskets. They often come in many different shapes for both decorations around the home or to give as gifts during special occasions, particularly Mother’s Day. Handcrafted wicker or handwoven baskets are a great gift.

Very popular are native hand-made baskets which are handcrafted by the Native Americans. These hand-woven baskets come in many different shapes and can be used to store items or as decoration around the home.

Here’s how to create one in just a few hours!


Wicker or woven basket, ribbon, glue gun, and hot glue sticks, scissors, fabric scraps (optional)


Gather your materials. Glue the wicker onto the inside of the basket with hot glue. Cut out fabric scraps into shapes that will cover any exposed areas of the wickers on top and bottom of the basket. Use ribbon to tie up a handmade gift when finished!

Handcrafted wooden bowls

Another handmade gift that is very eco-friendly is handmade wooden bowls. Wooden bowls are usually crafted on a hand lathe. These wooden bowls are a perfect gift for any occasion but especially make great wedding gifts as they can be used to hold food during special occasions such as weddings it’s that little something.

Unless you have a lathe handy this one is a little tuff to hand-carve yourself.

However, you can carve a bowl with a hand router.

To make wooden bowls with a hand router, you will need:

-purchase or borrow a round wooden board at least 30 cm in diameter and 10 cm thick.

-get a piece of wood cut to the desired size. The wooden board should be placed on this wooden piece, and then one end should be secured to the wooden board with bolts (or screws) about 30 cm long.

-The other end should be drilled into the wooden board with bolts ( or screws) about 25 cm long, and the wooden bowl shape should be carved out using a hand router.

-To complete the wooden bowl, sand it down so that there are no sharp edges.

Here is a link to a YouTube video the can help you with this project.

Handmade handbags

Another handmade gift that is very eco-friendly is handmade handbags that you craft. Perfect for your friends and kids.

The first thing that you need to do is get some fabric. The type of fabric you choose should depend on the color scheme of the person receiving. You can go with something neutral like black or brown if they prefer those colors or if they have a specific theme in mind, then go for something more colorful like red or blue.


1. Choose fabric

2. Cut two pieces of fabric that are 18″x10″ and sew them together to create a smaller bag

3. sew the lining onto the outside of the handmade handbag

4. Add a zipper to close it up, if desired

5. Decorate with beads or other handmade decorations as desired

6. Add straps for carrying if desired

Handcrafted wooden jewelry box

Handcrafted wooden jewelry boxes are a perfect handmade gift for a home. They make great storage space and are very durable due to their handcrafted nature. A wooden jewelry box can be used as an accent piece or as a functional storage piece. The woman in your life whether a mother, sister, friend, or girl friend will cherish receiving this handmade gift.

1. Gather materials

-Wooden box with lid

-Drill or hammer and nails

-Nails to fit wood

-Craft glue (optional)

2. Decide the size of the box (Height x Width x Length)

3. Cut out pieces of wood for the top, bottom, sides, front, back, and lid to fit measurements

4. Drill holes in all pieces of wood for nail holes

5. Put craft glue on pieces of wood where you want nail holes (optional)

6. Place pieces of wood on top of one another and drill or hammer them into place using nails

-Nails should go into the wood from all pieces of wood for sturdiness

-Cut nails if they are too long to avoid puncturing the lid or bottom pieces of wood when putting it together.

Stain/paint as desired and voila!

Handcrafted hand-painted picture frames

Another handmade gift that is very eco-friendly is handmade hand-painted picture frames. Handcrafted often come in many different shapes for both decorations around the home or to give as gifts during special occasions, particularly Mother’s Day.

These handcrafted frames are a great gift. It’s a DIY project that anyone can manage and kids can help. Can be handcrafted from recycled materials. A great way to recycle old picture frames.

Materials you need to hand paint a picture frame:

-a painted or unpainted picture frame

-acrylic paints. Acrylic paints are water-soluble and will easily wash out of clothing, carpet, furniture, etc. These are not toxic so they are safe for kids to use.

For the first coat, apply a thin coat of paint with your painted or unpainted picture frame. Allow this first coat to dry before applying the second layer of paint.

-a sponge brush for painting large surfaces and smaller detail brushes for more detailed work

-paint tray


Make sure to let the painted picture frame dry and cure for a couple of days before putting any pictures or mementos inside.

Handmade soaps

Handmade soaps are one of the top ECO-friendly gifts you can give. They are handcrafted and made of natural ingredients.

Handcrafted soaps that come in many different scents to pamper the skin while still being safe for the environment.

These handmade soaps are a great gift.

Materials needed

Materials needed to make soap are soap base, soap fragrance, soap colorant. It is important to get the soap colorant that is approved for soap use. You can get soap supplies on Amazon or your local craft store.

Helpful tips when preparing soap are to mix soap ingredients in a bowl, not metal. Use gloves when you are making soap and stir the mixture at low heat. Add soap fragrance after the mixture is mixed well. Then pour it into molds or hand-crafted paper molds or shapes of your choice.

The soap you make will be in solid form when it is finished. Don’t use soap during the first few weeks because there might still be lye in the soap and can irritate your skin if used too soon after making it. Now that soap bars are ready, set them aside for a week to cure before using. Cured soap bars are soap that has hardened and is ready to be used.

Handmade area rugs

Area rugs are a major part of any home decoration. They serve to highlight different areas in the house and can be customized according to your style, taste, or preference! Handmade area rug company will guide you through all these options for today’s modern homes

There is an endless choice when it comes to finding handmade area rugs; whether they’re used as accents on floors throughout various spaces such as hallways and entryways or even just inside one room like living rooms.

Rugs make customizing decor easy by allowing homeowners lots of freedom without sacrificing beauty with their color choices. One type that has grown tremendously popular recently is American Indian handwoven rugs.

Today handwoven rugs are often hand-made using old-world techniques that have been passed down through the generations, making them more valuable to buyers seeking authenticity and quality.

The most popular native American Indian rug weaving technique is called flat weave which gives these area rugs a unique tribal look and feels! This hand-loomed handwoven flat weave rug is made from acrylic, making it suitable for outdoor use.


If you’re looking for handmade gifts to make someone feel loved and cared for, handcrafted items like handmade candles and hand-painted picture frames may be the perfect fit. These hand-made gifts can also make a great gift for yourself! If you love candles or want to give eco-friendly products as a gift this holiday season. Handmade gifts will bring joy to anyone that receives them.

We hope you enjoyed the above suggestions as much as we did writing about them.


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